Open-sourced Softwares from our Research

  • Details of the open-sourced softwares from HiPeC lab can be found here.

  • AJWS: Atomic Java with work-stealing. It draws together the benefits of work-stealing and data-centric atomicity, allowing the application programmer to conveniently and succinctly expose the parallelism inherent in their Java program. [PPPJ 2016]

  • HClib: This is a compiler-free work-stealing library, which supports Habanero-C work-stealing constructs. [IPDPSW 2017 and PGAS 2014]

  • Habanero-UPC++: Its a compiler-free PGAS library, which supports a tighter integration of intra-place and inter-place parallelism than standard hybrid programming approaches. [PGAS 2014]

  • Java TryCatchWS: An extremely light-weight work-stealing runtime implementation in Java that uses runtime mechanism already existing inside modern JVMs, such as garbage collection, on-stack replacement, dynamic code patching, and exception handling. [VEE 2014 and OOPSLA 2012]